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Millennials can be one of the hardest consumer classes to reach. They have a different mindset when it comes to what they want and how they go about researching it. Because they grew up in the age where everything was eye-catching and attention grabbing – from toys, to advertisements, to fashion – you may find it hard to keep up.

Appealing to Millennials means never getting lazy or slacking on your company’s appearance – whether that’s online or in-person. Today’s Bride is taking action to adapt to what brides are looking for and how they want it presented to them. Recently, we’ve reorganized our Magazine layout and did a complete re-haul on our 40 page Wedding Planner to appeal to what Millennial brides want. We are constantly redefining our look to attract more couples. Here’s why you should, too:

There are two huge reasons why your company needs to think about redefining yourselves.

The first reason  is to keep from being irrelevant. Staying modern, staying up to date on the trends, and staying relevant is the most important step you can take when it comes to promoting your company. By displaying a contemporary logo that intrigues your buyer, you will initially draw them in. Presenting them with information they want to know and making that information easy to find is what will get you more customers. A quick response time to emails or Facebook messages, a presence on social media, and references to current trends and pop culture truly makes all the difference when it comes to attracting those hard to reach Millennials.

The second reason to redefine or redesign your company is to gain more interest. Maybe in the past few years you’ve seen a drop in interest or sales. Ask yourself if you’re really doing everything you can to attract those customers to you rather than your competition. Are you getting your name out there? Are brides seeing you at bridal shows, in magazines, and on social media, or are they digging through pages and pages on Google to find your website? By announcing a grand re-opening or launching a new website, you’ll gain more attention which will bring in more sales.

So how can you put this idea in action?

There are a ton of options you have once you’ve decided to redefine yourself. You can create a new logo! If you aren’t a pro with Photoshop, no worries. As you know, experts are the best at what they do, and there are many that can help. Another option is to hire a young intern who can add the experience to their portfolio. Don’t just incorporate your new logo as your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter overnight – make a big deal of it! Present your audience with options of which logo they like, ask their opinion on color choices, have them vote on their favorite choice and announce the winner in a blog post. Get some attention by drawing your customers in so they feel like their opinion matters to you.

How long has it been since you’ve redesigned your website? Though this option is very time-consuming and stress-inducing, it is also very rewarding! Millennials like to see a site that is simplistic and efficient. Sites that aren’t mobile friendly or have complicated drop down lists are sure to turn prospective customers away. Think clean lines, big photos for inspiration, very little text, and easy access to contact information. Hint: Millennials HATE submission forms. Just provide them with a phone number and email and let them reach out to you!

Have you ever started a book and noticed on one of the opening pages it says “Previously Published as…”? Publishing houses re-publish books that don’t do well with a different title and/or different cover all the time. It may cost them money initially, but they believe the book has potential and will make a profit in the long run. Your company can do the same! Though this option can get very frustrating as you’ll have to completely change all of your literature, publications, and mail, changing your name can go a long way to boost your sales.

Another great way to grab the attention of your target customers is to have a grand re-opening. The only stipulation with this is that there has to be a reason. If you’ve just opened a showroom, completely rearranged your retail space, expanded or moved to another location, or are having an anniversary, a launch party is a great way to celebrate! You can make it invite only or create an event on Facebook where your followers can invite their friends. Extend press passes to local newspapers, radio hosts, and news stations to create more buzz and get more coverage!


When you are redefining and relaunching your image, it’s important to make sure the change gets noticed. A lot of work goes into recreating your company, so you don’t want your hard work to fall by the wayside and get neglected. Make announcements, hand out flyers to your customers, and share it on social media! There is no bigger ally for you than using social media to your advantage. Consider offering a special – such as “10% off your next purchase when you mention you saw this on Facebook” – or having a prize that your customers can enter to win – like “Every bridesmaid dress purchased for your party from our shop enters you in to win a free veil!” Get your customers involved and excited to be working with you!

Designing a new logo, creating a new website, throwing a launch party, or incorporating a new name can be extremely daunting, but if you can get past the initial shock and terror, you’ll find that it can also be very beneficial to your success.

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