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How to Make “DIY” Work for You

Weddings are not cheap, and nearly 10% of engaged couples today are paying entirely by themselves. To compensate, they turn to DIY options instead of using professionals. While the DIY trend has proved to be a force to be reckoned with, there are ways to combat it.

The DIY trend has been steadily increasing in popularity for the last few years, and though we finally think it’s on its way out, here are some tips for how to convince brides to use your services rather than travel down the DIY path.

Use Pinterest to your advantage–

Pinterest is the inspiration behind most brides’ DIY expeditions, but you can make it work for you, too. Research the top DIY pins for weddings to find out what brides like and what they’re looking for in their wedding. If they want the perfectly messy, yet effortless up-do, provide samples of your own work that compares. Feature flower arrangements that highlight succulents, which can be harder for brides to find but are very “in” right now. Prove to the bride that you know what the latest trends are and you can make them work for her on her big day.

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Create a DIY Fails Portfolio–

We’ve all seen those pictures of cupcake creations or home decor where a picture of what the goal was counters the reality of the results a DIY-er produced. Create a DIY fails board on your company’s website or Pinterest to show prospective clients what could go wrong if they decide to do-it-themselves. The flowers on the left don’t compare to the bouquet on the right, just like those string orbs may look nice on her Wedding Idea board. The question is, will her DIY expectations really come to fruition the way she imagines? Probably not. Show you how you can make those dreams a reality.

Cost, cost, cost–

It’s all about the money. Millennials resort to DIY for their wedding because it seems like a cheaper option initially. But after all of the materials are purchased and the crafts have gone through a trial and error period, the costs can really add up. Let a bride know the actual comparison costs between hiring a professional like you and creating a centerpiece, cookie buffet, or flower arrangement all on their own. If you have any stories about a bride who came to you panicked after a DIY fiasco, share it! Like I said before, it’s all about the money, so if you can convince a bride that she’ll ask for your services anyway after spending money on DIY materials, she’ll prefer to go straight to success to save money.

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Left Photo: Orchard Photography
Right Photo: David Corey Photography

Offer a Personal Touch–

Other than saving money, the top reason engaged couples opt for DIY options is because it allows them to add a more personal touch. Offer them the option to customize their wedding favors with their last name. For entertainers, create a lighting monogram for their dance floor. Offer them something unique that they can’t get on their own, and make sure it’s personal to them!

It’s all about her experience–

No bride wants to look back on her wedding day and regret carrying around the stress of having to set-up the reception hall, make sure her chalkboard signs aren’t smudged, or that her painted wine bottle centerpieces have dried. Assure your bride that you will be devoted to making her vision become a reality. She also doesn’t want to look back in her wedding album and wonder where cousin Jimmy is, forgetting that she asked him to do free photography. Besides the services that your company promotes, you also offer her a stress-free planning experience, time to enjoy her engagement, and freedom to celebrate with all of her guests. Inform the happy couple of this added benefit, and remind them that, by taking some of the weight off of their shoulders, they’ll continue to smile on their wedding day.

We are starting to see couples who are willing to spend a little more money to ensure a flawless wedding day, but for those stubborn brides and grooms who are determined to save a few dollars, use these tips to try to convert them! Keep in mind, though, you’re not going to win every bride. According to Rachel Yagl, Director of Sales and Bridal Marketing at Today’s Bride, “You have to find the brides that believe your service is worth spending money on. Not every bride will be for you, but advertising allows you to find the brides that are a perfect match.”

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