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New Client Referral Program


Get up to $750 in Today’s Bride Rewards!

You chose Today’s Bride because you’re smart and are a savvy marketer.  It’s time to share your experience with other professionals who want to market to the wedding industry. Refer Today’s Bride and you can earn up to $750 in referral rewards, and the referred Wedding Pro will get $100 off their first purchase!*

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Fill out the required referral form below with the future client’s contact information to get credit for the referral if it qualifies.  Refer to restrictions* below.

Step 2

Today’s Bride will contact the referral.   If the referral joins the Today’s Bride Family, you will receive a referral credit!

Step 3

You can earn up to $750 off your Today’s Bride marketing. For each referral that becomes a Today’s Bride client, you will receive the following dollar amount account credit:

1st Referral:  $50

2nd Referral:  $100

3rd Referral:  $150

4th Referral:  $200

5th Referral:  $250

TOTAL OF:  $750 

Apply it to your balance or upgrade your marketing services. It’s a WIN-WIN for you and your friend!

Have a referral?  Fill out this required* referral form!

*Credit will not be given to the current Today’s Bride client if we do not receive this form before signing the new client’s contract.

Referral must purchase a Today’s Bride service (minimum of $600) for credit to be honored. Referral must state name of Today’s Bride client who referred them upon first conversation. If the new client mentions two current customers’ names, credit will be given to the first form received. If all 5 referrals are received, program will reset and will start over. Referral program will reset for all clients on January 1st and annually thereafter. Subject to change at any time.