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Recap of Lessons Learned from BSPI- Part II



Over the past few days, Denise and Jennifer attended (and spoke at) the Bridal Show Producers International Conference. They learned more about marketing and appealing to our target audience– millennials. Aged 18-34, it’s this group of individuals that are entering the market for wedding vendors. They are spending more per guest than in the past, with an average wedding costing more than $27,000 in Cleveland and Akron. Read on for some tips on the best ways to appeal to your clients.

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Contact your clients the way they want to be contacted.

This may seem confusing at first—how are you supposed to read your clients’ minds? I have the answer for you—mobile. 89% of brides and grooms are using their mobile devices to plan their weddings, and 74% are more likely to return to a website if it was mobile-friendly the first time they visited it. Millennials expect to use technology when planning their wedding and researching vendors, and they expect that technology to work. Here’s how you can use mobile technology to your advantage.

Email- 53% of millennials are opening and sending emails directly from their phone. Use a conversational tone of voice rather than a formal, professional tone, and keep it short. If you have a mobile device, connect your professional email to it so that you receive incoming messages instantly. 42% of millennials expect you to answer them within an hour. If they don’t receive a response, their interest level in your company goes down.

Say it with less- Millennials grew up on texting. Abbreviations, one sentence answers, and emojis are how their brains process information. When trying to appeal to a millennial, keep it short. They don’t want an email response with 5 paragraphs outlining every package you have, a detailed outline of your life’s experience, and why you do what you do. While all of that is very important, include it in your website which you can then link to an email with a short response—“Thanks for your interest in Today’s Bride Magazine! Here’s a link to more details on what we offer, and we’re willing to answer any questions you may have!”—to draw them in and gain their interest.

Online presence- While 58% of soon-to-be-weds are still using magazines for inspiration and planning (why aren’t you advertising with us yet?), and 42% rely on bridal shows (hurry! Book your booth with us now!), 77% are researching online. If you don’t have a social media account or a website, you should reconsider. It’s definitely one of the first ways brides and grooms find your name. They can view your portfolio, experience, packages, pricing, and testimonials, which will let them know to look for you in particular at a bridal show, or set up a time to meet with you to discuss details. If you don’t have an updated social media presence, potential clients may think you’ve gone out of business, or will wonder if that’s the kind of attention and dedication you’ll show them on their wedding day. Harsh, but true. (Need help with social media? Learn more about our Social Media Marketing program!)

Wedding Industry Statistics

December is still the most popular month for engagements. October is the most popular month to get married. 14 months is the average length of engagement. Brides and Grooms are inviting less guests, but are spending more on each guest. Average of 139 guests per wedding and $237 spent/guest. 44% of couples go over their budget, spending an average of $8,000 more than projected.

Our advice Find when you fit into the planning timeline and use it to your advantage. If most couples are getting engaged in December and are getting married in October, their engagement will be 10 months. They’ll probably look for a venue and photographer in January, will most likely choose a cake and a dress in April, may decide on flowers in July, and will book their honeymoon in August or September. Find out where you fit in the timeline to appeal to more brides and gain more interest.

Get more exposure! Most consumers do not consider purchasing a product or service unless they’ve seen or heard the company’s name at least seven times. By showcasing your services at a bridal show, advertising in the Today’s Bride Magazine and Lovebook, being featured as an “In the Spotlight” online, and promoting your social media, you can gain 500% more exposure than going it alone. If you’re not already partnering with us, what are you waiting for? Book more brides with Today’s Bride Magazine and Shows!

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