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2024 Winter Wedding Show Booth Design Awards

As we bid farewell to the beginning of our bridal show season, we find ourselves reminiscing about the captivating displays that graced our January and March 2024 Wedding Shows. The energy and creativity showcased by our exhibitors left an indelible mark, sparking awe and inspiration among visitors. Each booth was a testament to the dedication and ingenuity of our participants, who crafted immersive environments that transported attendees into realms of matrimonial magic. As we celebrate the culmination of these showcases, we are honored to unveil the recipients of the prestigious Booth Design Awards, recognizing excellence and innovation in visual presentation at our recent events.

Both January and March 2024 Wedding Shows

These businesses participated in both our January I-X Center Wedding Show and our March John S. Knight Center Wedding Show. Their booth spaces took our breath away at both shows and deserve to be recognized!


Willow Haven Event Center wowed attendees with their captivating booth design, blending rustic elegance with outdoor charm. Their 10×20 space featured a vintage sweetheart table, ethereal orb accents, organic decor, and lush greenery, creating a magical atmosphere that resonated with visitors.  Their slogan, “Nothing Compares,” rang true as visitors felt the LOVE in a big way.


Step into the cozy elegance of Cuff Link Media’s award-winning booth design from both wedding shows. Transforming a 10×20 space into a luxurious living room haven, complete with plush pink retro velvet couches, a wall of captivating photos, shelves adorned with memories, and a warm fireplace ambiance.  Truly an exquisite blend of style and functionality, showcasing their expertise and personal touch in wedding photography and videography.

1840 Manor House

Step into the future of elegance and romance with 1840 Manor House. Despite still being under construction, their booth design offers a sneak peek into the opulent luxury awaiting couples at this boutique venue. From plush fur rugs to exquisite floral backdrops, every detail whispers of timeless charm and modern sophistication.

Beyond esthetics

Beyond Esthetics Med Spa captivated hearts and eyes with its breathtaking blend of elegance and innovation. From the ethereal white drapery to the opulent chandeliers, every detail spoke of luxury and refinement. Modern white leather recliners invited guests to indulge, while live demos showcased their expertise. Beyond Esthetics isn’t just about beauty; it’s about envisioning beauty beyond the ordinary, and their booth epitomized this ethos flawlessly.

January 2024 I-X Center Wedding Show

Tremont Cityside Ballroom

Tremont Cityside Ballroom wowed visitors at the wedding show with its captivating booth design, featuring towering marquee letters spelling ‘TREMONT’ and a spacious layout reminiscent of their stunning ballroom. Just like their venue’s panoramic views of the Cleveland skyline, their booth showcased the perfect blend of vertical space utilization and inviting ambiance.  Their booth exemplified the transformative power of mood lighting and decor, inspiring endless wedding theme possibilities at their venue.

Cake Drama

Cake Drama’s booth brought creativity and culinary artistry to life at the show. Their innovative display turned the space into a tempting journey, blending design elements with mouthwatering creations. From the meticulously crafted seven deadly sin themed cakes to elegant pillar tables, and a dramatic brick backdrop with neon-lit curtains, — every detail showcased their exceptional talent. Bold yet elegant, Cake Drama captivated attendees, leaving a memorable impression of style, sophistication, and irresistible indulgence.

Revery Rentals and Ohio Gown Preservation

Double the charm, double the elegance!  Revery Rentals and Ohio Gown Preservation seamlessly blend their expertise in a 10×20 space. From stunning floral arches to preserving cherished gowns and memories, this exhibit epitomizes collaborative brilliance while maintaining the unique essence of each company.

Limelights entertainment

What a way to stand out (and on!) at the show. Lime Lights Entertainment merged sophistication with practicality in their quad booth capturing attention with its seamless design. It’s the holistic representation of their full-service entertainment offerings from music to lighting and everything in between (and standing on)!

Country Daisies Floral

Country Daisies Floral crafted a charming booth, adorned with an abundance of fresh flowers filling the air with fragrance. Cleverly integrated levels and decor showcased their creativity beyond traditional bouquets. Positioned prominently in the center of their display was their company name, elegantly featured on the movable backdrop suitable for ceremonies or sweetheart tables.

J & J Handcrafted

J&J Handcrafted spared no effort in their booth design, presenting an impressive array of decor pieces. From double wooden doors suitable for ceremony entrances or backdrops to meticulously designed reception table setups, a captivating flower welcome box, an elegant mirror seating chart, and beyond, their diverse selection showcased their versatility and dedication to surpassing expectations. Their keen eye for design and boundless creativity illuminated the space, demonstrating their ability to bring any couple’s vision to vibrant life.

FIve Five Media Co.

Five Five Media provided an immersive in-studio experience right from their booth at the I-X Center show! Their offerings for engaged couples were unmistakable, with a TV showcasing some of their captivating wedding films, alongside beautiful portraits on easels. A cool wooden display highlighted their diverse photo and film offerings, adding to the allure of their space. Moreover, the green and black backdrops adorned with their company name for the headshots added a professional touch, making every visit to their booth memorable and engaging!

Amour Floral and decor

Amour Floral and Decor truly exceeded expectations with their booth design! The delightful aroma of fresh florals enveloped visitors, while the addition of a luxurious velvet couch ensured comfort as they welcomed guests into their space. Let’s not overlook the stunning flooring, which elevated the entire ambiance. The meticulously crafted floral displays not only showcased the designer’s creativity but also demonstrated their ability to transform any concept into beauty. Who would have thought to blend flowers and feathers so seamlessly? Truly impressive!

March 2024 John S. Knight Center Wedding Show


Step into this panoramic masterpiece where elegance meets innovation!  Acme Fresh Market wowed attendees with their avant-garde approach. Picture-perfect frames suspended in the air, showcasing their stellar wedding catering, cake, and floral services. A symphony of grey and black hues set the stage for sophistication and luxury. The theme seamlessly blended the many service offerings into a unified, unforgettable frame-worthy experience.

Love Conquers All Bridal Boutique

Love Conquers All Bridal Boutique showcased a dress for every taste at the Akron show in March! They ingeniously utilized their 10×20 extended space, creating distinct sections within their booth. One area allowed visitors to make appointments and spin a wheel for prizes or discounts, while another offered a mini in-shop experience complete with two velvet chairs, a cozy carpet, and a rack of dresses. Their meticulously crafted booth design maximized every inch of space, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Marquee Events

Welcome to the party hosted by Marquee Events! Their tech-savvy booth seamlessly integrates all their offerings, from various photo booths to mesmerizing uplighting and a unique LED screen DJ booth that doubles as a mirror. The vibrant pink backdrop not only complements Today’s Bride colors but also catches the eye of attendees from a mile away. What a remarkable entrance into their first Today’s Bride show!

Steve’s Tailoring & Menswear

Newbie exhibitor, Steve’s Tailoring and Menswear, nailed their booth design with their compelling blend of rugged masculinity and refined elegance. From the robust deep forest green wood construction to the high-end lit closet spotlighting top designs, every element showcases their mastery of custom tailoring since 1950. Wethere renting for the wedding or purchasing bespoke suits, they exude timeless craftsmanship and care for menswear.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners of the Booth Design awards. We are immensely grateful to each exhibitor for their hard work and commitment in making their presence felt at the show. Your contributions have not only elevated the experience for our attendees, but have also set new standards of excellence in the wedding industry. Here’s to continued success and collaboration in the future. Thank you all for your outstanding efforts!

For future show dates and exhibiting information, visit or reach out to shows@todaysbridecom, 330-670-9545.

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