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The Seven Ps

If you want to be a successful exhibitor, forget minding your Ps and Qs. Just stick with the Ps. If you get them all right, and you’re in a good show, you cannot help but do well.

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They are:

PRICE:  If your price is out of line, you better have a good reason.

PRODUCT:  No matter how good you are, you have to have a product people want.

PRE-SHOW PROMOTION: The easiest way to get people to your exhibit is to have them come to the show looking for you.

PRESENTATION:  A great looking and effective exhibit.

PERSONALITY:  Happy, helpful people who want to be there.

PROFESSIONALISM:  Exhibit staff who look the part, and know what they are talking about.

POST-SHOW FOLLOW UP: Plan for it, and do it.

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