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4 Ways to Draw Them to your Booth

There are 4 main factors affecting an attendee’s decision to stop at your booth: Exhibit Size, Creative Display, Show Promotions, and Pre-Show Promoting.

1. Exhibit Size

Attendees notice when a display is larger than others. The amount of space you rent is directly related to how many leads you can obtain. The more space you have, the more salespeople you can have in the booth and the more attendees you can talk to at once. If your budget will allow for more space, go for it. You will see an increased amount of leads!

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2. Creative/Effective Display Tip

The main purpose of your display is to attract the prospects to you so that you can talk to them. You only have about 5 seconds to do this before they walk on.

Keep the booth open and inviting. Avoid tables across the front, if possible, unless you are selling a product they can take with them.  Put them flat at the back of the booth, or vertical. Or nix the standard table and bring/rent a cocktail table.

Signs are important! You should invest in a professional banner (freestanding is more versatile); something the bride can read from a distance. Company name or services at the very top above attendees heads. Use easy to read language and font styles.

Make sure the booth sells who you are and what you do! A bride or groom should look at your booth and know EXACTLY what type of service you offer without talking to you. For example, don’t use truckloads of flowers to decorate your booth if you are a photographer.

Keep the booth neat and clean. Don’t eat in your booth. Don’t text on your mobile phone.

Literature should be handed out to hot prospects not stacked on a table where the bride can “hit and run” without you having the chance to speak to her.

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3. Show Promotions

Demonstrations, food samples and contests can attract attention.  Just make sure you still have time to talk to the bride.  You don’t want the contest/samples to attract uninterested attendees taking up valuable space in your booth if they don’t want your product.

4. pre-show promoting

A final way to attract attendees to your booth is to do some pre-show promoting. Tell the world you’ll be participating at the bridal show in your social media posts, marketing emails, and on your website. Pre-show promoting will raise awareness of your presence at the show. When attendees arrive, they will make it a point to stop by your booth to discuss your services. Two additional ways to pre-promote is by inserting a sentence about the show in your email signature and mentioning the show in your voicemail greeting.


Which of these 4 factors are you great at and which one are you hoping to improve?

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