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Show Tip: 6 ways to Create A Booth that Sells

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a booth with pizzazz. Exhibitors often create imaginative, attention-getting and successful booths with materials they already have at home or in their offices. To stir your creative juices, here are some ideas for creating a dynamic booth of your own.

The 5-second Rule

The main purpose of your display at the show is to entice attendees to stop at your booth. Research has shown that show attendees make the decision to stop and talk with you after considering your booth for only about 5-seconds! The attendees should be able to look at your booth and immediately visualize EXACTLY what products & services you offer (without you saying a word – without the attendee asking).  To accomplish this…

 Keep your booth open and inviting. Avoid placing your table across the front of your booth as this creates a barrier between you and the customer.

Invest in a great sign! We provide every exhibitor with an I.D. sign but you might consider creating a bigger and more dramatic sign of your own (more detail below).

Make sure your booth design clearly communicates what you do. While flowers make a good impression, if you are not a decor or floral provider don’t over do it! Instead use photos, products, props or other items that directly relate to what you are selling.  Flat Screen TVs are all the rage in booth designs now.  Make sure they don’t give them the impression that you’re videographer (if you’re not).

Don’t let sampling, contests, and giveaways detract from your ability to actually talk to interested brides.  Design these activities to create an opening to sell your services to the bride.  Dedicate a staff member to handing out samples and other staffers to focus on selling.  Reminder: all samples must be approved by Today’s Bride and the Convention Center(s).  You may only provide food/drink samples if that is a product of your business.

Booth Design | as seen on

color captures attention

Using inexpensive fabric, sheets or draperies to add a vibrant color to your back wall and/or tables can help your booth stand out from the standard black & white draping of the show (as long as the fabrics are fire retardant).

Coordinating your booth colors with those you use on your literature will make your presentation, and your company, more memorable after brides leave the show.

If you plan to change the color of your back wall, be sure to hang your material over the black draping provided, or rent extra pipe uprights & telescopes to hang your drape on.

Miller’s Party Rental is the official decorator of the June, August, October and January Akron Shows.  For additional rentals contact Miller’s at 330-753-9104   I-X Center offers rental options as well. Refer to your Exhibitor Manual for details.

want to exhibit in a bridal show? We can help!

great signs make great booths

Although we provide each exhibitor with a basic I.D. sign, investing in a larger, more colorful, and more informative sign will definitely pay off! We can design and order products for you! Check out some of our options. Remember, you only have about 5-seconds to capture the attention of people in the aisle so the most effective signs include a large type face and a simple message.

 Make sure your text is large enough to be read from a distance.

 Place text in the upper half of your display design, so people standing in front of the booth won’t block it.

Don’t place text over textured backgrounds that make it difficult to read.

Booth Design | As seen on TodaysBride.comUse Back Wall to Maximize Space

Hanging products or photos on the back wall helps draw people into your booth and makes a great statement from the aisle. You can hang lightweight items from the pole at the top of the back wall or purchase/rent a simple grid system. Free standing signs and easels also work well.

NOTE:  Your booth space does not have a guaranteed wall or backdrop for the October show venue.  If you have questions on what’s included and how to accomplish your design dream, contact several weeks before the show.

Up-to-the Top Booth Design

As long as you do not block the view to adjacent booths, you may add structural or decorative elements to your booth up to 8′ tall.  Any taller requests need pre-approval from Today’s Bride and the facility.  Going high can add drama and interest to your space. For a diagram and explanation of the booth dimension regulations, click here for booth design regulations  (NOTE:  Summer  Fall shows might not have pipe & drape or a wall behind you). 

Booth Design | As seen on

Bring your place of business to the show

If you have a retail store, salon, or showroom, bring the “look & feel” of your place of your business (and personality) to the show! Having lots of items on display encourages brides to come in and browse. Demonstrations and samples can also attract traffic to your booth.

The same ‘look & feel” should be reflected in your hand out literature and on your website.

Enjoy the creative process to increase your booth’s effectiveness!  Feel free to contact us at 330-670-9545 if you’d like our assistance with ideas.   For more photos of exhibitor booths, click here.

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