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Booth Regulations

Single booths and larger include:


*Tabletop booth includes covered 4′ table with black linen and 1 chair.


Linear Booths

Below are the booth design regulation guidelines. For a SINGLE BOOTH, plan within a 9’ x 9’ due to vertical poles & bases taking up an extra foot.

1. Displays taller than 8’ must get approval from Today’s Bride 30 days prior to the show. The backdrop must be tastefully finished on the backside. Property or displays taller than 4’ must be placed into the rear half of the exhibit space.

2. Pipes or trusses placed at the front of the booth space are acceptable provided the sides of the space do not obstruct the neighboring booth and provided there is a clear line of sight from both sides.

Don’t position retractable banners at the front of your booth space. Move halfway back or towards the back.

The front five feet of your exhibit may not exceed FOUR FEET in height unless it’s a see-through structure.

3. Stay within the space confines of your booth. Exhibitors are prohibited from standing in the aisles or having their booth display extend into the aisles.


If you plan to uplight your booth backdrop, you must bring or rent your own pipe & drape backdrop to place in front of the drape that is shared with the exhibitor behind you. The light will show through the thin curtain.

If you are concerned your exhibit is not within the above guidelines, call us. If an exhibit isn’t within the guidelines, you may be asked to make changes during move-in.

Any questions or need help with design advice? Feel free to contact the Today’s Bride team:  330-670-9545 or