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Can/Cannot Quick Reference List

You CAN staff your booth with a maximum of four people at one time in a SINGLE booth; Two people at one time in a Table Top booth. You CANNOT have your staff working or promoting in the aisles or anywhere outside of your booth.
You CAN make appointments, take deposits and sell products the day of the show. You CANNOT tear down or begin packing up your booth display until the show is officially closed.  Early tear down will result in fines, forfeiture of show lead list, and barred from future Today’s Bride Shows.
You CAN distribute brochures, literature, and business cards from within your booth. You CANNOT place these items in lobbies, restroom counters, or car windshields.
You CAN decorate your booth with linens, flowers, props, or photographs provided by non-exhibitors. You CANNOT promote the company that provided these items or give out their literature unless they are exhibiting in the show, too.
You CAN have music, video or other sound producing devices in your booth. You CANNOT have sound at a volume that detracts from your neighbor’s ability to conduct business
You CAN give away a door prize at your booth provided by a company that is not an exhibitor. You CANNOT promote the company that provided the prize or give out their literature unless they are an exhibitor in the show.
You CAN (and SHOULD) use the list of attending brides to follow up after the show. You CANNOT share the bride list with anyone else or use it to promote another bridal show.
You CAN give away small food samples at your booth (2oz or less in size). You CANNOT bring large chafing dishes of food. All food samples need prior approval from Today’s Bride & the facilities.
You CAN advertise in as many bridal magazines as you wish. You CANNOT give away those magazines from your booth.
You CAN network with other exhibitors during the show. You CANNOT walk around the show distributing your literature to brides.
You CAN bring as large of a display and as many display pieces as you wish that fit in your booth space. You CANNOT place any part of your display in the aisle or block line of site to your neighbors. If your back wall is taller than 8′, you must let us know to make sure it works in your booth location. The backside must be tastefully finished. Property or displays taller than 4′ must be placed into the rear half of the exhibit space. Pipes or trusses placed at the front of the booth space are acceptable provided the sides of the space do not obstruct the neighboring booth, and provided there is a clear line of sight from both sides. .
You CAN bring candles to decorate your booth. You CANNOT light the candles in the booth without following hotel & convention center rules for placement in your booth, & having Fire Extinguisher. (Available for rent from the convention centers.)  Refer to the venue’s Fire Regulations or consider bringing battery operated flame less candles.

Thank you! Please abide by these regulations to make the show an enjoyable (and safe) experience for everyone.

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