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Video: Wedding Show Booth Design Inspiration

Need inspiration for your next bridal show? Look at these beautiful booths to figure out what you can improve for your next show.


Video Transcription:

I like to think of wedding shows as the great equalizer of business. Businesses large and small, new and old, home-based, or storefront, everyone has the same opportunity for success. It’s all in the presentation.

Here the shower curtain backdrop just smacks of cheesy.

This booth took a little more effort, but it’s so much more impressive.

I bet that halfway into this show, half of the invitations put out on the table had been taken by people who just thought they were samples.

Same type of company, much better presentation.

Tents in events? If my company rents tents, maybe I would want to show a tent. Same type of company, much better presentation.

Don’t think for a minute that you should not exhibit at a wedding show if you don’t have an over the top booth display. It is entirely possible to do something simple that still captures interest and brings you business.

I want to now show you a few examples of booth designs that really stand out. Some are elaborate, some are simple and inexpensive—but all of them can work.

On the left is a booth that uses a textured backdrop and some really nice décor touches. On the right is a very simple display that is visually appealing. These companies repurposed palettes and scrap wood into eye-catching backdrops. These booths were inexpensive to design, but they still look modern and they still look nice.

Here are a couple more.

The key here is to stand out and do something different.

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