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Video: Attract and Engage Wedding Show Attendees

How can you stand out from the other bridal show booths? Watch this video to learn how you can wow your audience and make the best first impression.


Video Transcription:

In this video, I’m going to share some ideas for creating interest. Doing things with your booth that will engage attendees and get them to stop. You should have a compelling image or display item in your booth. One image—something that is unique to your company. Something memorable that the attendee will not see anywhere else. Use that compelling and unique image across all of your advertising, especially in your post-show follow up. Better yet take a picture of your booth with the compelling item or image featured prominently. That way the attendee can say, “Oh yes I remember them. You were the booth with the camo wedding dress, or the bouquet mad out of apples, or the rings made out of donuts, or the mini planter place cards, or the bouquet made of butterflies, or the upside-down wedding cake.”

Make your booth smell, good. Shows can be sensory overload, but mostly with sights and sounds, not so much with the smell. I know a cake baker who keeps a small can of cinnamon spray in his pocket and sprays it occasionally in his booth. People constantly comment, “Your cakes, they smell so good.” Do something to make your booth smell good, and you will stand out.

Give away something. It’s human nature to like free stuff. Giving away some sort of sample or promotional item is a proven method of increasing booth traffic. It might be something to consider if you can turn that increased traffic into increased business. Tie this giveaway to your business. If you help couples take away stress—the stress of the wedding day—give them a stress ball with your logo on it. If you’re a travel agent, how about a wedding-themed luggage tag. If you’re a cake baker or a caterer it’s logical to give away food samples, but don’t forget you’re at the show to sell, not just to feed the crowds. So, make sure that you don’t get so wrapped up in the sampling process that you forget why you’re there. That you forget you’re there to sell. If you’re a caterer consider qualifying the attendee before you give them your food samples. If they aren’t planning to use an off-premise caterer then thank them for stopping and disengage. If they are looking for a caterer then sample away.

And don’t forget to have some fun. Consider having a drawing to capture leads, a contest to generate interest, or an interactive element to give people a reason to stop at your booth.

You might consider offering an upgrade, a bonus, or a discount for quick action. We live in an age of daily deals and retailers who offer buy one get two, discounts of 30%, 50%, or 75% off. Even the most affluent shopper has been conditioned to look for deals. The days of “We don’t discount” are gone. You need to build into your price the flexibility to offer some sort of discount, bonus, upgrade, or special offer. Today’s consumer expects it.

Here are some offbeat ideas that you might want to consider. On top of your brochure, print something that looks like handwriting that says “This was the best cake at the show” or “This was the best DJ.” If you’re a wedding planner, here’s an idea that plays off of the big bag of marketing materials that most consumers collect: get a really tiny bag, on the front of that bag print “If you booked me, this is the only bag you need to carry around today.” Place your brochure in this little bag. Or how about using this advertising message: “Half of the wedding professionals in this town are awesome and half of them are mediocre, hire me and I’ll tell you which is which. Do something unique and you will capture more interest.


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