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Video: What Are You Selling?

Is your bridal show booth design effective? Watch this video to figure out how to make sure your booth is making the perfect first impression!


Video Transcription:

When you exhibit at a show, you have just a couple of seconds to capture the attention of the attendee. They should be able to look at your booth and immediately know exactly what you do. It’s so easy for your intended message to be misunderstood, so don’t have things in your booth that are unrelated to your business. If you’re not a photographer, don’t go overboard with photographs. If you’re not a florist, do not decorate your booth with flowers.

Here’s a nicely designed booth, but do you have any idea what this exhibitor does? In spite of all the flowers, they aren’t a florist.

This company has a great name and a booth design that makes it crystal clear that they do floral design.

Here’s another very nice display that fails because it does not send a clear message as to what is being offered.

This is a simple booth design that works well. You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they sell wedding cakes.

Are you looking for some inspiration for your booth design? Pinterest is a great resource for booth design ideas. What’s the best way to ensure that your booth design send the correct message? Find someone who does not know what you do, have them look at your booth and ask them to tell you what they see. Better yet, get a twelve-year-old to do it. If they don’t answer correctly, some tweaks are in order.

If you’re finding it a challenge to express what you’re doing solely from items in your booth, you can also use signage to reach your goal. By all means, ditch the standard cardboard trade show sign and get something more professional.

Here are some examples of nicely done signage. Simple hanging banners or pop up displays can add to the visual appeal of your booth at a reasonable cost. One of the best ways to show off what you do is through photos and videos of weddings that you have done. Ask every photographer at every wedding you do to give you pictures. The savvy ones will be happy to do this and often for free. Build a portfolio of these images, enlarge the very best ones for your office, and your wedding show booth. Video footage is even better. Get a nice sized video monitor and show a loop of the videos during the show. You only need to show a few minutes of your best work.

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