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Millennials – The Elusive Generation

Millennials | As Seen on

Millennials, Generation Y, Generation FOMO, call them whatever you would like, but the struggle is real when it comes to marketing to this generation.

So how do you get your company to appeal to this group of people long enough to get them to stop talking about Taylor Swift’s most recent breakup and start talking about you? This is a difficult task to take on considering Taylor will have another buzzworthy breakup in about two weeks, but we have taken it upon ourselves to help you out.

Millennials | As Seen on

Be Smartphone Smart

This generation is known for always being glued to their phones, so use this to your advantage. Many millennials depend primarily on their smartphones for the internet. You need to have a mobile-friendly website. If not, their search for you can quickly turn into a search for Justin Bieber’s new bae with just the touch of a button – or should we say, a tap of a screen.

You should also make sure that if you have social media accounts, that they are up-to-date. The millennial generation is more likely to search for you on social media outlets, and you do not want them finding a page that does not accurately represent your company.

‘Cause of the Cause

Cause marketing is becoming increasingly popular, so get on-board! Connecting your business to a non-profit will help out the world while helping out your company. 85% of millennials stated that they would switch brands due to cause marketing. This generation wants to make a difference in the world; by having your customer’s support you and a non-profit at the same time can help them feel like they are doing so.

Millennials | BCR Studios by Brad | As Seen on

BCR Studios by Brad

Hometown Pride

A great way to grab millennials’ attention and keep their loyalty is by showing love and support for your town! Millennials love supporting local businesses, even if it does cost them a little bit more money. This generation knows the importance of keeping small businesses alive.

Emphasize the fact that they should shop local. Put up signs showing that you support local sports teams – consider displaying a Go Cavs! sign. Have pride working in a city that your customers know and love, and that will help your business grow.

More Than a Pretty Face

This generation, more than any other, wants to feel like companies are connecting to them on a personal level, along with seeing a personality behind the brand. Respond to comments and messages posted on your social media pages and website.

One example of a company that does this well is Chipotle. They are always typing funny responses to tweets which not only adds a personality to the company, but it also makes the customers feel connected on a more personal level. If millennials can find a way to feel like they have a personal relationship with your company, they will be loyal customers.

The millennial generation can intimidate many. With their spending power of $200 billion a year, every company wants to know how to appeal to them. If you keep these few simple ways to grab their attention – and gain their loyalty – in mind, your ability to market to this generation will be on fleek in no time!


Not a millennial? Here is some help with our vocabulary:

FOMO – Fear of Missing Out The struggle is realUsed to describe a task or situation that is difficult and/or unpleasant. BaeThis is an acronym that stands for “Before Anyone Else.” It is the new way of saying “babe.” On fleekA way of describing something that is perfect.

Written by Today’s Bride Intern – Danielle Johnson

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