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Cardinal Rule of Booth Design

A bride should look at your booth and know exactly what type of service you offer without talking to you. For example, don’t use truckloads of flowers to decorate your booth if you are a photographer.

Visual Concepts

  • Try to design a booth that is memorable and evokes emotion from the event attendees. Give a full experience, not a passive sales pitch. Stimulate her senses of sight, sound, smell, and even touch.
  • Focus on your target audience (females, 18-34 & moms) and design your booth to appeal to them. Make it clear what product or service you are offering.
  • Take advantage of the backwalls of show displays to wash your booth in a color (or one huge vinyl image) that sets the mood.
  • Limit the main colors to three or less; the same applies to textures used in your booth such as brushed metal, matte vinyl, and clear acrylic.
  • Even if your booth is small, be sure to light it adequately especially for a large trade show. Without light, exhibits suffer and don’t get noticed.  Products don’t look as appealing.  Think of your space as a retail store..
  • Use multimedia (animation, video, audio and interactive kiosks) for attention grabbing impact.

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Graphic Design

  • Use graphics from your products or marketing literature for your trade show booth design. It will help create a consistent branding image.
  • For smaller displays, emphasize one strong message. Avoid clutter or a busy display. Use a larger display or upgrade to larger booth if you need to convey more information.

Text Layout

  • Make sure your text is large enough to be read from a distance.
  • Place text in the upper half of your display design, so people standing in front of the booth won’t block it.
  • Don’t place text over textured backgrounds that make it difficult to read.

Promotional Items

  • Giveaway gifts should pertain to your business and appeal to the target market, imprint them with your company’s logo and contact information.
  • If possible hand out useful, high quality gifts—they’re more memorable and more likely to be used after the show.
  • Choose a trade show gift that you can keep giving after the event, in case you have some left over.
  • Make sure you have plenty of business cards. More are handed out at a tradeshow than any other item.

Tips courtesy of Blackberry Press

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