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An Important Magazine Update

And the two shall become one magazine | as seen on Today's Bride Pros

Localized marketing is imperative in our work. It’s how we get you in front of the couples that need your services. Our bread and butter. The standard that vendors have held us for over 30 years. With that goal in mind, we have some exciting news to share! In case you haven’t heard the GREAT news, Today’s Bride is combining our Cleveland and Akron/Canton magazines into one, all-inclusive publication: the NEW Northeast Ohio edition of Today’s Bride Magazine.

That sounds cool! Tell me more about this new Today’s Bride Magazine.

Instead of publishing two magazines per calendar year, we’re stitching the two magazines together to create one, ultimate publication. Because our magazine is an important planning tool for couples, it feels unfair to make them choose between Akron/Canton and Cleveland vendors, as many couples utilize vendors from BOTH areas. Gone are the days of couples prioritizing proximity over quality. That is to say, an Akron couple won’t hesitate to find their perfect venue in Cleveland, choose a DJ from Canton, and a photographer from Youngstown. Merging our two magazines more accurately reflects how couples shop, and how you, the vendor, reach out to them.Magazine Distribution | as seen on Today's Bride Pros

So, what does this mean for me?

As a magazine advertiser, your ad is no longer held by borders. Instead, we’re distributing it to 20,000 couples in 2021 at:

  • 300 distribution locations across Northeast Ohio
  • Each Today’s Bride Wedding Show
  • Through the mail (more on that later)

Did we mention… the price isn’t changing?  No extra cash + a larger geographic footprint = happiness, all around.

If you’re new to print, or just want to review what we offer, reach out to your sales rep. They’ll give you all the details. (If you want to spice up your current ad, make sure to ask about advertorials!)

What does this mean for couples?

As we previously mentioned, couples no longer shop within city borders. This merger gives them a more accurate representation of the vendors available to them. It also means they’ll see inspiration from all over Northeast Ohio, instead of inspiration from just one city or area. As a result, our brides and grooms will be better educated about the magic our local pros can make.

Cleveland Skyline | too much awesomeness | as seen on Today's Bride Pros

You mentioned that mailing thing…

Because in-person exchanges of the magazine may be limited, we’re going postal. (No, not Jack in The Shining.) We’ll be mailing thousands of copies of our new magazine directly to engaged brides-to-be. The publication will remain FREE for all engaged couples that request a copy. This makes our magazine more accessible for the engaged couples that need it the most.

We know that print advertising is important. That’s why we’re committed to expanding the audience that sees your ad so that you can increase your business. The new Northeast Ohio edition of Today’s Bride Magazine helps us pursue our #1 goal: to pair the best vendors in Northeast Ohio with the couples that need them the most. We can’t wait to share this new magazine, and your incredible businesses, with Northeast Ohio’s engaged couples!

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