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[WEBINAR] The Importance of Reviews and Referrals

“Reviews” and “referrals” are two buzz words that every vendor should have in their tool belt. But, what do they really mean for the bottom line of your business? Lisa and Abby dive into best practices for reviews and referrals in this 30-minute video. Learn how to collect and distribute great reviews, and conquer the dreaded “negative reviews” with confidence.

Abby Longshore knows exactly how a bride thinks, shops, and buys. She just tied the knot in June! In this webinar, her goal is to convey just how important reviews are when it comes to the bride’s buying process.

Lisa Bischoff knows just how important referrals from other credible companies can be when it comes to booking weddings. She plans to share insight on connecting with the right professionals to boost your sales.

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