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Respecting your Bridal Show Neighbors


1. You cannot stand in the aisle at a wedding, and you can’t do it here. Stay in your booth. There can be a maximum of 4 people staffing a single booth at one time, or 2 staffers in a tabletop/mini booth.

2. You cannot block the line of sight. All booth display materials (including staff) must stay within their contracted booth space and not infringe upon the aisle walkways or other booth spaces. All aisles must remain clear of obstruction. Maximum backdrop height is 8’ tall. Backdrops taller must get approval from Today’s Bride. It needs to be attractive and be neutral on the backside. The front 5’ of your booth may not exceed 4’ in height unless the structure is see-through. 

3. You can play music, but not too loudly. Loud music is great when you’re cleaning or working out, but it’s not great when you’re trying to tell couples about your services. Both you and your neighbors must be able to converse. Keep the volume down.

4. You cannot promote non-exhibitors or other bridal shows. Promoting non-exhibitors and other Bridal Show events isn’t fair to those who paid to be part of the show. If it’s not advertising your company or exhibitors in the same show, you can’t promote it here or to the show lead list.

5. You cannot pack up early. We’re all tired at the end of the day, but that doesn’t mean you can pack up early. Those who arrive late and pay admission deserve to see you at your best. You wouldn’t close your shop early on the busiest day of the year! So you shouldn’t start tearing down early, either. If you are found breaking down early, you will receive a $100 fine and forfeit your right to the show lead list.

In order to ensure the success of you and other exhibitors, we will enforce these rules.

Need electricity? Trash overflowing? Music too loud? Call or text to report an issue without leaving your booth: 440-482-1055

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