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How to Use Tagging and Hashtagging to Improve Your Marketing

Social Media is important for any marketing strategy. It can be hard to use all of it’s features to their full potential. Hashtags and photo tags are features that are often overlooked but can be very useful. They give you keywords and trends your clients care about! Take a look at how these simple tools can help you find more customers!

Tagged by partners with a great reputation

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When someone tags you in a picture, more people see you than before. This is fantastic and pretty much a referral. You want potential customers you haven’t reached to see you. This is similar to how celebrity post ads on Instagram. They tag the product. They put #ad. Then they expose to a product their followers that they may have never thought of before. Sometimes, if you have great partnerships, you can have them post your photos and advertise your product to their followers. This will put your image in the minds of more people and give you a better reputation.

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Connecting to a target audience

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If you look at hashtags, you can see what your clients are thinking about. Which is important if you want to know what they care about. For example, if you scroll through your feed and you see that a lot of Millenials are hashtagging their tweets with #WeddingPlanningStress – don’t ignore it! You should look at what they are saying. You can take this knowledge to improve your business. Bonus points if you tweet too. This will show you are up to date with the trends. No bride or groom wants to work with a business who cannot relate to the modern age. Your target audience will appreciate the effort and you will look great for being active on social media.

Stay on top trends

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This is simple: if a certain style or hashtag comes up a lot, pay attention. Check hashtags that are relevant to you, so if you are a make up artist, check out #weddingmakeup. See what is out there. This will give you an edge on what future clients might want or expect you to show on your own social media. Also, tap to see who the user tagged. If users tag a certain business multiple times in the same hashtag, it means they are popular. There is no shame in checking out what they are doing to reach the target audience you desire. Take a few minutes every day to do this and you will be one step ahead of the competition.

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Using Past Clients

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You have an amazing past client who loved everything you did at the wedding, get in contact with them! Ask them if they would mind putting a post about you on their social media. Mulitple reputable accounts tagging you will make your future clients trust your business more. Plus, you will be showing off your work on more than just your business page. Your social media presence will increase, you will have free advertising, and your business will have more attention.

Of course, social media will not replace paid advertising. Upping your presence on these sights will help you immensely. Take a second and look at your current social media posts. Look where you can improve and keep these tips in mind. You will reach your target market and they will appreciate the effort you took to meet them halfway!

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