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Hiring Millennials

In the ever-changing world of business, it’s been harder and harder for recent graduates to find a job. Nearly 40% of the unemployed members of our society are recent college graduates, desperately applying for jobs only to be shot down for not having enough experience. These companies are overlooking an eager and enthusiastic candidate for the comfort of an experienced professional, because they have more to offer…right?

Millennials offer both up-and-coming business as well as seasoned pros benefits that will range from entry level questions and ideas to development of managerial culture. Benefiting your company both short-term and long-term, the reasons recent grad candidates should be evaluated alongside veterans are numerous.

They’re hungry. Young professionals, aged 22-24 years old, are just emerging into the professional world, and they’re eager to make their mark. They want to make an impact at a company, and they’re willing to start at the bottom. They’re hungry for experience, so they’re willing to start as an entry-level intern, work through a probationary trial period, and take risks to succeed.

They’re fluent in the next generation. Hiring a millennial ensures that you will know what the next generation of consumers is looking for and what they value. You’ll have access to someone who has grown up with technology, who knows the ins and outs of social media, and who is willing to offer up innovative ideas and solutions.

They’re not afraid to ask why. This next generation is not conventional. They are challenging the boundaries that society has set and are stretching the limits of typical business methods. They have a fresher knowledge of all of the latest theories and concepts, and they want to put what they’ve learned to use! When they were children, they would constantly ask why; as adults, they aren’t afraid to ask that same question and challenge your traditions with questions like: Why do we do it this way? Why haven’t we tried this? Why do we use this program? And they’re not willing to take “because we’ve always done it that way” as an answer.

You can mold them. By hiring someone fresh out of college, you won’t be getting a candidate who is stuck in their ways of doing things or is unwilling to adapt to your routines. Though they may have initial questions on how to do something, you won’t have to spend months retraining someone to do things your way. They are willing to teach themselves the complexities of new programs and computer systems, and because they’re still in “learn mode,” they are able to quickly retain and apply new concepts!

They have more experience than you think. Getting into college isn’t easy, and the hard-work doesn’t stop when they’ve been accepted. Once they’re in, students take an average of five classes – 12 hours a week – while balancing part time jobs, internships, and participating in student groups. They know how to multi-task, and they are experts at managing their time.

They’re cheap. One of the best benefits of hiring a young professional is that you can offer them a lower salary or an internship that pays minimum wage. While bringing a professional in may seem like it will benefit your revenue, because you’ll be paying them more, you may not see an increase in your profit. Hiring a millennials brings you new ideas, concepts, and solutions for up to half the cost.

In a long-term setting, a recent graduate has the opportunity to grow with your company. Though they may only be in their early 20s now, these applicants are a possible future candidate for a managerial or leadership position. Because you are hiring them so young, they have the opportunity to influence the growth and culture development of your company, and can help the next generation adapt to that culture, as well. You are getting them before they’ve been tainted by other experiences, companies, or ways of thinking and doing things. You get to build, essentially, your ideal employee, which definitely has its advantages.

When you’re faced with the dilemma of filling a position, there is no easy answer. You’ll get dozens of resumes from great applicants, and it’s hard to narrow down your candidates. Sometimes, you may have a gut instinct to hire someone with a lot of enthusiasm over someone with years of experience. And sometimes you’ll trust a seasoned veteran to lead your company in the direction it needs to go, and that’s okay! We’re not telling you to exclusively hire millennials; just don’t eliminate them from consideration. After all, they are the architects of our future.

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