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The 5 C’s of a More Engaging Website

As a business and website consultant, and author of a book about websites, I’ve seen a lot of wedding business websites. Most of them are trying too hard, when there’s a much easier formula. At this year’s Catersource conference I presented “The 5 C’s of a more engaging website and social media.” While many of you are familiar with the 4 C’s of choosing a diamond (cut, color, clarity and carat weight), I’ve come up with an easy way to look at, and update, the pages on your website and social media, so you can attract more wedding business. Use this formula to engage your target audience and get them to take the action you want. Actually, these same concepts will work for almost any website.

The 5 C’s of a more engaging website and social media:

1) Color – with diamonds less color is better. When it comes to your websites and social media, color is very important. However, using color well is the key. The most popular websites these days have very little color in the design (Google, Facebook, Pinterest). The color is in the content.

The key is to use the photos and graphics to get the attention of your visitors. How do you do that? Choose better images that are “aspirational”. The people looking at your photos should aspire to be like the people in the photos. So, show photos of real weddings, with people that look like them, or at least that look the way they want to picture themselves at their wedding. That’s why most of the TV ads you see have people in them. You don’t see empty restaurants. You see restaurants filled with happy people and servers. Your target audience can picture themselves in there better when there are already people in the images. Don’t show empty banquet rooms. Show real photos from real weddings.

2 & 3) Content with Context – Give them the “why” along with the “what”. Don’t tell them what you’ve done. Tell them what you’re going to do for their wedding. Don’t tell them your experience without saying how that makes you better qualified to fulfill their needs. How are they, and their wedding guests going to benefit?

The easiest way to do this is to write in a narrative way. Write to them as if you were speaking to them, about their wedding. Use the words “you” and “your” more than the words “I”, “we”, “me”, “us” and “our”. A good way to find out which voice you’re using is to read the words on your site out loud. Does it sound like you? Or, does it sound like your 9th grade English teacher was looking over your shoulder?

Another good exercise is to print out the pages on your site, get two highlighter markers, and highlight the words “you” and “your” in one color, and “I”, “we”, “me”, “us” and “our” in another color. Look at the paper. Does every paragraph start with “We” or “our”? Who are you really talking about? Talk to your audience about them.

4) Confirmation – Use reviews and testimonial quotes from former wedding couples, on every page. I’ve often said that your brand is defined by the words your customers use when they talk about you. I was reviewing a caterer’s website today and when we looked at his online reviews, there were so many amazing quotes from brides and grooms about the food and service. Now, it’s good if you say it, but it’s way better when a real customer says it. It’s the confirmation that what you said is true and that you can do that for their wedding.

5) Call to Action – you don’t get any business from your website. That’s right, you get business through your website, not from it. They come from somewhere, to your website, and then, hopefully, through to you. What action do you want them to take now that they’ve visited that page, seen the aspirational wedding images, read your text and the testimonials? Tell them what to do next and make it easy to do it. I’ve put a short contact form on every page of my website. Every page has more than one call to action, with a link to contact me, and my phone number. If I say to call or contact me, I put my phone number and a link, no matter how many times they’re already on the page. Put that call to action where they’re looking right now, on every page of your site.

Using these 5 C’s should help you convert more of the traffic you’re already getting to your site, and to your social media pages. That will help you get 4 more C’s: cash, checks and credit cards! I look forward to hearing your stories of success.


If you’d like to find out how Alan can work with you and your team, whether you’re a team of one, or dozens, reach out to him. He’s worked with businesses both virtually (phone/internet) as well as on-site at venues, bridal salons, entertainment companies, and more. To find out how he can help you, with sales training or a website review, email call 732.422.6362, international inquiries 001 732 422 6362 or visit his site

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