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Signs You’re Burnt Out at Work and What to Do About It

Burnout is when your physical or mental being begins to collapse or malfunction due to stress and overwork. Here are some signs you’re are experiencing burnout, as well as some solutions to it.

5 Signs of Burnout

Experiencing a block

One of the first signs of being burned out is experiencing a block of some sort. Whether it be a writing block, lack of motivation or feeling less creative, these are signs you may be experiencing burnout. Sometimes the stress that comes along with being burned out causes you to become fatigued and lose creativity.


Not only can burnout disrupt our sleeping patterns, but it can also cause cognitive issues as well. This may include forgetfulness. “Have you forgotten a meeting with a client recently or neglected to pick up a shipment of product?” It is very easy to become more forgetful when you have a lot on your plate. Try to use planners, organizers, and delegation to help you remember important dates and information. This will help alleviate some stress.


Have you struggled to fall asleep lately, and even counting sheep doesn’t help? You may suffer from insomnia. Insomnia is difficulty falling asleep. When you are experiencing burnout, there may be so much on your mind that you continue to think about it in bed, when you should be falling asleep.

Increased illness

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Increased bouts of sickness are often times directly related to stress. Stress can negatively affect your immune system, making it weaker and less able to fight off bacteria that causes illness. If you find yourself getting sick more often, it may be due to burnout and you should take precaution before anything gets worse. Try to limit your stress (check out our solutions below) and take daily vitamins to make sure your immune system is up-to-par.

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Mood swings

If you find yourself increasingly overwhelmed, frustrated, and hashing out on others, there is a good chance you are experiencing burnout. Sometimes another person merely talking to you when you have so much to do can become irritating. You may not have an issue with the person, but the demanding work around you can lead to shorter patience with others. Another tell-all sign you may be experiencing burnout is increased anxiety or worry and noticeable sadness or depression. If you are constantly overwhelmed and experiencing mood swings, burnout could be taking effect in your life. Anxiousness may come along with everyday tasks, but if you are experiencing more of it than usual, it may be time to step back and look at ways to de-stress.

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5 Ways to Recharge


Although this may sound cliché, you really do need to relax. Find ways that you relax best, and take them seriously! You can do yoga, hang out with friends, journal, listen to music or take walks. Whatever you like to do to decompress, it’s important to make sure you have time everyday for yourself.

Check out some of these other great ways to relax.

Remember life outside of work

It is very easy to forget you have a life outside of work. Remember the hobbies you love to do and make time for them. You should try to avoid being completely consumed by work as best you can, so you don’t burnout too easily. If you feel like you are burning out, try scheduling lunch with a friend or go to a community event like a flea market or sports game!

Take a social media break

Although it is one of best ways we stay connected, it can be overwhelming trying to constantly keep up with social media. Often times reading about other peoples’ stressors and issues can add to your personal anxiety. Try unplugging and spending more time with friends or family. You can even have a “no phone policy” where at certain times, you refrain from using your cell phone, like at the dinner table, or while on a date with your significant other.


This goes without saying, you need the proper amount of sleep. The average adult needs approximately six to eight hours of sleep in order to function properly. Sleep allows your body to recharge, and heal itself. Every day we can be very harsh on our bodies and sleep gives us the time we need to rejuvenate.

Master the art of serenity

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Serenity is a state of being calm and at peace. You can do this by only focusing on what you can control. It is easy to become overwhelmed and stressed over work, but if you personally cannot fix or control something, worrying about it is futile. You can master serenity by practicing breathing techniques, meditating, or simply being still.

As a working professional, you may experience burnout multiple times. With the demand of work, it is easy to put ourselves aside and not take our health seriously. However, if you are not the best you can be, your work, creativity, health and relationships with others can be negatively affected. Learn to recognize the signs of burnout and be proactive about taking care of yourself.

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