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Unlike most other wedding resources, Today’s Bride is not a national magazine or bridal show producer. Local to Northeast Ohio, we’re dedicated to supporting our neighbors and promoting the beauty in our own backyard.

How Today’s Bride Began

Today’s Bride was brought to life by a married Ohio couple who had a pride in where they came from and wanted to help their local economy succeed. “We were shopping for a wedding dress in Columbus,” the COO, Denise, recalls. “There was a wedding magazine in the shop and I remember thinking how nice it would be to have something like that in our area.” They created Today’s Bride in 1989 and have been helping the Northeast Ohio wedding industry for 28 years.

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Why Local?

“We know this area better than anyone,” Jim, the CMO, remarks. “We know this market and we know what brides are looking for in this area. We’ve lived, breathed, and nurtured this market for 28 years after getting married here ourselves.” Today’s Bride is focused on promoting Northeast Ohio and the businesses within it; technically, Today’s Bride is a local, family-owned, entrepreneurial business like many in the area!

It’s no secret that Cleveland doesn’t have the best reputation nationally. It’s known as the Mistake on the Lake. But Cleveland is a beautiful city with so much to offer! “There are so many incredible people and businesses in this area, and we pride ourselves on working with the best in the business – not just in Northeast Ohio but in the country,” Jim boasts. We want to see other local businesses succeed and we’re all about helping them achieve their business goals. “It’s always seemed like it’s been Northeast Ohio against the world, but we know how amazing this region is. We don’t want it to be forgotten or considered just another spot on the map,” Denise remarks. With national companies, Cleveland is one of many. With Today’s Bride, Akron/Canton, Cleveland, and surrounding NE Ohio areas are the focus.

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How does locality make a difference?

“We’re all in this together. We all want to see the wedding industry in Northeast Ohio succeed,” Jim states. It’s all about the vendors with Today’s Bride, and that’s the biggest difference. Other sites may give brides advice on how to plan a budget-friendly wedding, how to DIY centerpieces, and how to plan a destination wedding. Because NE Ohio is Today’s Bride’s focus, we’re all about ensuring the success of local businesses. We’ll never print an article that would encourage brides to not use one of our vendors’ services. “When our clients succeed, we succeed,” Denise says.

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For couples

For the majority of brides, this is the first time they’ve ever planned an event of this caliber, and they don’t know how to start or what to do! They need expert advice, and they look for a reliable, ethical, and dependable source for help. We deliver. Millennials are passionate about supporting local businesses and have a pride for their hometown like no other generation. They want to support their local economies. We connect them with a way to do that by introducing them to trusted and experienced local wedding professionals.

For wedding professionals

You may advertise in a national wedding source, but they don’t know about the brides in this area, the trends, the market, etc. Because we grew up here, live here, and have grown this business here, we know what’s best for this area and we know the industry. Today’s Bride works for you. We organize bridal shows to help you reach more brides. We put together and distribute magazines to engaged couples to show them how your services can help them create their dream wedding. We promote your businesses on social media and on blogs, and we share more information about your company when brides visit our website through your vendor profiles. We want to see your business succeed and we want to see Northeast Ohio thrive.

Being located in Akron, Ohio, you’ll constantly be seeing our faces. Rather than talking to someone on the phone for support and getting a different person every time or emailing questions you may have, our vendors know that they can call us with questions or support and that they’ll be seeing us around town. Being local means that you have a contact person who is dedicated to helping you. Because we’re focused on a single area, that representative won’t be working with hundreds of vendors. You’ll be one of a select few rather than a face in a sea of vendors which means more attention will be focused on helping your company thrive.

At Today’s Bride, it’s all about Defending the Land. We want to see Northeast Ohio succeed because we have a love for our community! This is where we’re from and we are proud to support and promote local businesses like yours.

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