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Best Booth Design Awards — 2015 Akron JSK Show


As an exhibitor, you know that having stellar booth staff and dressing up your booth is a sure-fire way to draw attendees into your space.  The following exhibitors proved that at the most recent Akron show.

Here are our picks for the top booth designs!


01.11.15 john s. knight center Show, akron

What’s sleek and sophisticated and gorgeous all over? That would be this booth from Behr Photography, LLC.

Though this is only Behr’s second bridal show, they amped up their display in a way that was both stunning and thoughtfully laid out. This well-lit space not only clearly displays their portfolio and service of choice, it also is inviting as all get out! (And yes, it’s true: We do love a great back wall.) For that, they are the officially the winner of our Best Booth award.

When it comes to branding, Red Run Bison Farm knows a thing or two about a thing or two. Their set-up instantly told the story of who they are and what they do — both with themed decor pieces, a photo backdrop & a telling video near the front of their booth.

The fact that their gallery table also conveyed this rustic theme was just the icing on the cake. Congratulations, Red Run, for taking home our Best Brand Consistency award.

There were many newbies in the show this year, and Olivia D Wenger Photography was no exception. While many first-time exhibitors spend hours dreaming up their booth display and calling in with their questions (which we always greatly encourage!), Olivia was on the opposite side of the spectrum.

When asked about the inspiration for her booth, Olivia said she — along with the help of her mother — threw together all the details at the last minute. If this is what you call “throwing it together,” please feel free to do so again in the future! For all their hard work, Olivia — and her mom — on earning the Best Newcomer award!

Another vendor who knows a thing or two about originality is the team behind this Pure Romance booth.

During set-up, we observed the PR staff trying to jerry-rig their tub display to blow bubbles (in a safe & non-covering-the-aisles way, we might add). We’re not sure how we did it, but lo and behold, when the show started there were, in fact, bubbles cascading out of their heart-shaped tub.

Once you added all the other “little” details — the glass of wine, scented candles & lotions and a perfectly placed pink sign (you know we can’t resist pink!), we just had to give Pure Romance the award for Most Creative display.

There are so many great booths — we truly do wish we could recognize them all! That would make for 150+ pictures and a couple of pages of words … and well, you get the point. But before we wrap this up, we wanted to point out two more exhibitors who just had to be pointed out as Honorable Mentions on our list.

The first being this classy affair & gorgeous eye candy from The Dress Bridal Boutique 

And finally, this equally classy, incredibly streamlined design from The Piggery at Anna Dean Farm.

Congratulations to our winners — your hard work paid off!

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