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Network with Exhibitors

Don’t forget this is a PRIME opportunity to network with other local businesses. These connections will last long past the event and can benefit both yours and their business.     

Walk the Room During move-in, put yourself in the attendee’s shoes and check out other show booths that may be of interest to you.

Make Your Intentions Known Be upfront with these exhibitors and let them know that you would like to help him/her grow their business and hope he/she would be willing to do the same. In most cases, they would be happy to help you out.

Invite Them for a Drink or Meal Invite them for lunch, dinner, or a drink to discuss business further. The conversation doesn’t have to be solely based on business; find out their interests and get to know this person just as you would a friend. This being said, you still want to maintain a certain level of professionalism; you can never make another first impression.

Approach People Close to Your Display System During show hours, be conscious of not distracting other exhibitors from meeting the bride attendees.  During a slow period of traffic, you may walk other exhibits. If you don’t have anyone to watch your convention exhibit while you are walking the aisles,then don’t. Instead, step outside of your booth display and talk to people who are in the exhibits next to yours or who are walking by.

Networking is extremely beneficial to both you and your new connections. In the future, these new relationships you have built will help expand your business and become friends for years to come.

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