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Cocktail Tables are useful for more than just happy hour

Though the standard Today’s Bride exhibit includes a covered table (sizes vary), we encourage  exhibitors to open up the booth to allow attendees access to walk inside your booth space as if it’s your retail location.

Then invest in a high cocktail table (or two) that is useful and attractive.  It provides a good solution that’s a convenient height for literature, writing door prize entries, shopping for small products,  viewing a slide show on a small monitor, or flipping through photo albums.    Many exhibitors purchase these cocktails tables from ebay, Ikea, and even Target.   Miller’s Party Rental (330-753-9104) offers a few different shapes and sizes as well for a small rental fee along with the perfect size linens to the floor. The linens will provide extra small storage for supplies.

Consider adding one or two bar stools next to the table if you encourage attendees to visit longer than a few minutes.  In large scale shows, you may not want them to sit for fear other attendees won’t stop by your booth appears if they can’t get to your products.

If you need more table space,  move  the provided table to the back of the booth. Or put it vertically on the side of the booth.  Make sure to just leave space for you and two or three guests to stand comfortably inside your display.

For more booth design ideas, visit our photo gallery of exhibits from several shows: click here.  Also visit our Pinterest Booth Inspiration board.

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