Today's Bride Pros

Packing Checklist


Consider bringing the following items to the show:

* Electrical cords & surge protector

* Mobile device chargers

* Food arranged for exhibit staff (options vary per show).

* Sales Literature

* Business Cards

* Appointment Book

* Clipboards

* Booth Design Layout

* Masking Tape, Scotch Tape, Shipping Tape

* 2-wheel dollies & other transporting devices (including a wheel barrow!)

HOT TIP:  Use a suitcase to transport a lot of small things easily.

* Scissors, Stapler, Safety Pins, Straight Pins

* Pens, Sharpie Markers

* Trash Bags

* Vacuum/Steamer

* Aspirin, Band-Aids, second pair of shoes

* Breath Mints

* Plan for collecting leads (forms, guestbook, ipad, etc.)

* Good Selling Plan & Attitude