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Online Exhibitor Manual:  


If you’re not actively collecting leads, your marketing outreach is falling on deaf ears. Knowing which brides are “hot leads” and collecting their information is your first step to making the sale.


But how can you collect them? That’s where we come in.


What’s included:

Form Set-up

Provided tablet for brides to fill out their information at your booth

Custom online form that automatically generates a lead list* & sends an email of every lead to you

A .pdf to print off paper contact forms as a backup

PLUS, you get to KEEP the tablet!


Total investment $200. Or $125 if you use your own device.

DEADLINE TO ORDER:  Dec 31st for Akron Show; Jan 4th for Cleveland Show


* Wifi is needed but not included.


INTERESTED? CALL 330-670-9545 x12


Online Exhibitor Manual

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