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January Booth Regulations

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January Booth Regulations

Single booths and larger include white pipe & drape backrop 8′ tall. Side rails 3′ tall separating your booth from the neighboring exhibitors. Hanging basic placement sign and nametags for your staff.

The Akron show includes covered 8′ table in white linen. 2 chairs if needed. The Cleveland show includes covered 6′ table in white linen. 2 chairs if needed.

Linear BoothsBOOTHDesignRegulations

Below are the booth design regulation guidelines for a SINGLE BOOTH (10′ x 10′). Double Booths follow the same guidelines for the back wall and sides of the booth that are connected to another booth.   

Dimensions For purposes of consistency and ease of layout and/or reconfiguration, floor plan design in increments of ten feet (10’) has become the de facto standard in the United States. Therefore, unless constricted by space or other limitations, Linear Booths are most commonly ten feet (10’) deep, i.e. 10’x10’. A maximum back wall height limitation of eight feet (8’) is generally specified.   There may be an exception depending on your booth location and design of your backdrop.  Contact Today’s Bride at least 30 days in advance for approval and limitations, 330-670-9545.

Use of Space Regardless of the number of Linear Booths utilized (e.g. 10’X20’, 10’x30’, 10X’x40’ etc.), display materials should be arranged in such a manner so as not to obstruct sight lines of a neighboring adjacent exhibitors. If Today’s Bride management notices that your exhibit blocks line of sight to another, you will be instructed to make adjustments. The maximum height of eight feet (8’) is allowed only in the rear half of the booth space, with a four-foot (4’) height restriction imposed on all materials in the remaining space forward to the aisle (unless object is transparent or notably see-through).

Note: When three or more Linear Booths are used in combination as a single exhibit space, the four foot (4’) height limitations is applied only to that portion of exhibit space which is connected to an adjoining booth.  Items at the back of your booth must stay within the 10’ depth and not intrude on the exhibitor’s booth space or drape behind you.

Lighting If you plan to uplight your booth backdrop, you must bring or rent your own pipe & drape backdrop to place in front of the drape that is shared with the exhibitor behind you. The light will show through the thin curtain.


Any questions or need help with design advice? Feel free to contact the Today’s Bride team:  330-670-9545 or