Today's Bride Pros

Ad Design Services

If you would like for our graphic designer to design your ad, we need the following information:

Do you have any specific design ideas or colors you would like to use?

Take a look at other magazines or our ad gallery or the previous issue of Today’s Bride Magazine to find ads that you are drawn to.

Important COPY

Be sure you send us the correct phone number, address, and website information. Include your email as well.

Anything specific you want to highlight?

Focus on your best features, not the little details. Any discounts or specials to include besides basic company information?

What photos would you like us to use?

For print, we need to have high-resolution photos (300dpi). An easy way to know if you have a high or low resolution is to look at the file size. If the file size is Megabytes (MB) you most likely have a high-resolution picture which is great for print. If it is Kilobytes (K) it is low resolution, which may work on the web but not in print.

Be sure to send large clear photos of your best features with a focus on weddings.

Do you have a logo?

If you do, make sure you send that as well. It would be best if it is vector art (from Adobe Illustrator, look for .ai, .pdf. or .svg file extension) but a large .jpg or a transparent .png will work.


Any other thoughts, please let us know. 

Think about these things and collect your art and send it to

If your files are too big to email, you can send them through DropBox, Google Docs, or