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January I-X Center Move-in-memo

Online Exhibitor Manual:  


1.  Show Hours:

Saturday, January 25th 12pm-7pm (silent opening of the doors at 11:30am).  Sunday, January 26th, 10am-5pm (silent opening 9:30am) On Sunday, Exhibit Hall opens at 9:00am for Exhibitors. Enter through the dock door 35A.

2. Move-In:

Friday, January 24th 9am – 4:30pm  and  Saturday, January 25th, 8:00am – 11am. We encourage all local exhibitors to move in on Friday.  It is a much less stressful day; the line to access the facility isn’t nearly as long. If there is ANY way you can coordinate, we promise you’ll be thankful. Happy Hour & Networking Event for Exhibitors on Saturday:  7pm – 8pm at the I-X Center Pavilion Bar.  Two complimentary drink tickets can be found in your Exhibitor Packets when you pick them up during move in.


Sunday, January 26th, 5pm-8pm. MOVE-OUT OR DISMANTLING IS NOT ALLOWED BEFORE 5PM SUNDAY.  All products and exhibits must be removed Sunday by 8pm.

4. Parking:

The cost for parking at the I-X Center is per standard vehicle space (on show days). On Saturday, cars arriving after 10am will be charged for parking. For oversize vehicles, there are additional charges depending on the size of the vehicle. There is no charge for parking during Friday Move-In, Saturday Move-In before 10am. You can pay cash either day at the East Gate; however, you don’t get In-Out privilege. Consider purchasing an HANG TAG PARKING PERMIT (page 22) from the I-X Center (1-800-IX CENTER) ahead of time that will allow you in and out privileges. An order form is online at or buy one at the I-X Customer Service Desk on Saturday during move-in.

5.  Access to the building:

Exhibitors may hand carry or use two-wheeled dollies to transport materials in and out of the building at no charge. All other carts are prohibited and would require the need to contract with the I-X Center for labor to assist.  Up to three exhibitor employees may setup/dismantle your booth. The fourth person must be an I-X Center worker.

6. Exhibitor’s Entrance & Unloading:

IMPORTANT! NO UNLOADING is permitted through the main level, EAST ENTRANCE Lobby Doors. 

All exhibitors unload at the North Side of the Building.  Hand carry your items through the door marked EXHIBITOR ENTRANCE near Door 35A.  Today’s Bride CHECK-IN will be available here to pick up your Exhibitor Packets. I-X Center Customer Service Desk is also located inside.  Items can be unloaded via a two-wheel dolly or hand-carried into the facility through this Exhibitor Entrance. No other carts or dollies are permitted in the building. Anything larger will require a labor work order and dock access.  (refer to I-X Material Handling Service Form at We recommend purchasing a ROUND TRIP DRIVE-IN PASS for ease of unloading & loading during set-up and take-down through Dock Door 35 (form found on page 21) or contact I-X Center at 800-IXCENTER.

7. Drive-In Pass to unload/load:

Vehicles (non-commercial trucks, automobiles and/or vans) are allowed Drive-in Privileges to unload/load during move in, move out hours for an extra fee.  You must purchase the passes from the I-X Center (one way or roundtrip).  Order form on page 21.  You will drive in at Door 35 – North Side of the Building. On FRIDAY BEFORE 2:30pm, Drive-in Passes are UNRESTRICTED, cars can unload near your booth (as close as possible and if water on the cars is not a hazard).  It’s imperative that you remove your car from the exhibit aisles immediately.

On FRIDAY AFTER 2:30pm, drive-in passes (and IX Work Orders) are RESTRICTED –  a maximum of 5 cars are permitted to unload at one time and cars cannot drive in close to your booths. Towards mid-afternoon vehicles may need to remain inside by the dock doors and there will be IX flat beds that you can use to take the items to your booth. 

On SATURDAY, all drive-in passes (and IX WORK ORDERS) are RESTRICTED (see above). All cars must be off of the show floor by 9:30am. Vehicles will need to remain inside by the dock doors and there will be IX flat beds that you can use to take the items to your booth.

NOTE: If you have a trailer/commercial/or oversized vehicle, you can still drive on the exhibit floor to unload/load, but you must contract a labor work order.  For more details, contact the I-X Center at 800-IXCENTER.  

If you purchased a drive-in pass to move out, cars cannot enter until all of the limos have exited the show floor.

8.  Booth Regulations:

When setting up, remember:

1. Stay within space confines.

2. Do not exceed 8’ height in rear of booth (without approval from Today’s Bride) 3.  Dividers may extend ½ of depth of booth, from rear to front, at 8’ height.  Remaining divider (front 5’ of booth) cannot exceed 4’ in height (solid structure).  If you are concerned your exhibit is not within the above guidelines, call us. If exhibit isn’t within the guidelines, you may be asked to make changes during Move-In., unless it is see through.

9.  Ohio Transient Tax License: 

Exhibitors are responsible for complying with all vendor-licensing requirements. To obtain additional information and/or apply for an Ohio Transient Vendor’s License call 888.405.4089. Tax form is available online at

10. Food Vendor Guidelines:

All sampling requests are to be submitted in writing in advance of the show. Sampling is limited to a 2-oz. portion for food and a 4-oz. portion for a beverage. The items being sampled must be part of your business services. No samples of any alcoholic beverages permitted. Selling food products is not permitted.

11. Handcarts/Dollies are not provided, if you need one, bring your own.

Remember, two wheeled carts are okay to use with Move-In/Move-Out; any more wheels on the dollies (or equipment) will require the need for I-X Center labor to assist you. Consider packing a “Care Kit” with items like a broom to sweep your booth in the evening; extension cord, power strip, light bulbs and packing tape may also be helpful.

12. Deliveries:

Deliveries from common carriers (UPS, FedEx, 3rd parties, etc) will incur drayage charges for receipt of their delivery, storage, delivery to booth, and then return to docks to send out after the event. Call 1-800-IXCENTER to discuss arrangements & fees ahead of time.

13. Electrical Service/Decor Needs:

Electric and extra tables can be rented. You receive one standard 10amp service through Today’s Bride with your booth. Larger electric orders & additional tables and decor can be ordered through I-X Center (page 18) or forms located at or call 800-IX-CENTER to order.  I-X Center Service Desk will be available during Move-In and show days for orders as well IMPORTANT: Advance discounted rates expire Jan 9, 2019.  On site orders will be charged at higher rate.

14. Clean Up: 

Each evening after set-up and when the show closes, you can put trash in the aisles and the I-X Center cleaners will remove and empty.  Bring your own trash bags.

15.  Lunch Options:

Outside food or drink is not permitted to be brought into the I-X Center.  Several concession areas will be available throughout the show with ample seating.

Have a great show and if you need any assistance, let us know.

Today’s Bride: 216-393-5677 or e-mail