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GRand Prize giveaways

Donate a prize for Today’s Bride to give away as a GRAND PRIZE to a lucky attendee and your business will be mentioned on the show’s website, social media posts, and emails.

To be considered, the prize must be a minimum of $250 and all-inclusive, not a discount or a payment required.

Winners of the prizes will be picked from the show attendees the following week. You will be introduced via email once winner has been selected.

If you’re interested in donating a grand prize, email (the sooner the better to maximize your exposure!)


Offering a special discount for booking at the show? Or contest at your booth? We’ll help promote that too! Let us know and we’ll post it on the show page. Several show specials will be peppered into emails and shared on Social Media.

Email the description of the show special to

Free Tickets

Each exhibitor will receive free ticket promo codes! We encourage you to pass these free tickets to your clients inviting them to see you at the show. Do not post the codes publicly online! The codes must be redeemed online and will not be accepted at the door.

The tickets were mailed in your Exhibitor Manual packet. If you need additional digital codes, email





Bring potential customers to the show to see you by adding this button to your website.

Access several social media banner ads and html text links here:

 Event Social Media Banners & Links




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