Today's Bride Pros

Booth COVID-19 Safety Suggestions

Everyone will be temperature screened upon entrance.

Always wear a mask (required!) when shoppers enter your booth and interactions.

  Bring hand sanitizer (required) for your booth to put on display for both you and attendees.

Only 2 staff members per single booth space.

Consider using the 6’ table provided as a barrier to allow distance between you and the attendee

Encourage attendees to sign up at your booth electronically from their phone with a QR Code or website URL. 

Today’s Bride will pre-stuff your show sales literature in the Bride Pink Bags ahead of time.

Submit 1,500 flyers by April 2nd.  $350 if not contracted already. 

Wash (disinfect) all drapes, table cloths or any decorative materials used in your booth before each show.   

If using pens, have a CLEAN jar and a DIRTY jar so shoppers know which to use. 

Disinfect pens after each use or use them as a giveaway.

Be prepared to sanitize products after shoppers sample or touch and offer disposable applicators.

When practical, minimize touching products until ready to purchase

Consider placing literature on the table not touching each other to prevent attendees from touching multiple copies.

Use contactless payments such as Venmo, Paypal, or Square to eliminate cash interactions.



Jim Frericks, Chief Marketing Officer | 330.670.9545 ext. 16

Jennifer Fyffe, Vice President  | 330.670.9545 ext. 15

Abby Frericks, Client Services Manager |  330.670.9545 ext. 12