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Video Wedding Show: 5 Tips for a Successful Bridal Show

Want to make sure your bridal booth is having a great impact? Look at we suggest to make sure your bridal show appearance is not wasted!

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Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Rachel with Today’s Bride. I’m going to give you five insider tips to make sure that your booth’s face is raring to go at your next bridal show.

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Number one is the overall look of your booth space. This is going to be the first impression of brides when they walk through the show. So, you want to consider things like having really great company signage so when they walk past it, they know exactly who you are. Have the best showcase of your work. If you are a photographer, bring all sorts of albums for them to look through. Also, consider lighting, here’s a little tip: lighting goes a long way.

Number two is rack cards. This is information you’re going to hand out to all the people and attendees that you’re going to meet. It’s basic information about you and your company. You might want to consider having a pricing sheet to hand out separately to those brides who are really interested in what you’re doing.

Number three: you want to make sure you have stellar salespeople in your booth space. They need to be outgoing, passionate, talkative, and positive about your company and promoting why you are there.

Number four is the lead collection. You want to gather names and information of all the people that you are meeting. This is going to be key for your follow-up later. Whether they are entering a contest or signing up for promotions or newsletters—this is a great way to keep up with those people after the show has ended. You want to make sure you are getting their name, their email, and their wedding date, and a phone number is important too—grab that as well.

Number five, and this is probably the best tip that I’m going to give you, is have a wow factor. Do something different and unique. Brides might not remember the company, but they’re going to remember something that was unique in your booth space. If you’re a cake company—consider having an upside-down, black wedding cake that’s themed The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s not something they might do at their wedding, but its something that they are going to talk about after the show is all said and done. Then in your follow-up emails and marketing afterward you can reference that and say “Hey, we were the booth space that had the black, upside-down wedding cake themed out to be The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Be a wow factor.

So, I hope I gave you some really great tips on how to better prepare for your next bridal show because the opportunity to meet engaged couples face-to-face is going to build your business, and help you tremendously. If you’re interested in doing bridal shows, check out Today’ We host five shows throughout the year, and upcoming dates are on the website. We promise to introduce you to lots of new brides.

See you next time.

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