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Video: Shows Aren’t All the Same

Do you think that if you have exhibited in one show, you’ve seen all you can? See how that is wrong and how it can be beneficial to go to multiple bridal shows in a year in this video!


Video Transcription:

The first step to successful marketing through wedding shows is to pick the right shows, and they are not created equal. Wedding shows: they come in all shapes and sizes. They range from intimate boutique shows, to large productions at convention centers.

Some shows—they’ve been around for years, and new shows pop up all the time. Some new shows—they set out to change the world. Claiming that traditional wedding shows, “Oh they’re broken, we’re going to do something new and modern and different.” In reality the traditional wedding show model isn’t broken, it’s just evolving. Now some shows—they’ve grown stale, and they’ve become irrelevant, but successful shows change and improve over time.

Look for shows that have a successful track record. Call some of the exhibitors that are listed on the show’s website—get their feedback. Ask around the industry and listen to the buzz. Do a google search for a few terms that people might use when searching to find a show, and see who’s at the top. Call the venue and make sure that the show is actually on their books, because wedding shows, they don’t always look like this. Unfortunately, sometimes they look like this.

Be leery of shows that promise an audience of only “Upscale” brides and grooms. That might sound very appealing, but it’s likely that you’ll be disappointed.

There is no such thing as a high budget wedding detector that keeps out everyone else. More often than not, shows like this tend to appeal to what I call, “The Aspirational couple.” They just want to get ideas even though those ideas are probably out of their budget. They look, but they don’t often buy.

We’ve all seen the tour of homes, those things that charities do over the holidays where you get to tour expensive houses even though you have no intention of ever buying one. Those high-end shows, they have the same dynamic.

You also want to be leery of brand-new shows. Shows that come out of nowhere and promise big attendance numbers. First show attendance projections are just that, projections. If you are considering participation in a brand-new show, be smart and don’t be one of the first to sign up. Wait a while and see if those lift plans are actually going to come to pass. If it looks like its going to be a good show, you can always sign up closer to the date. In reality, half of the new shows that are announced don’t ever happen, and half of those that happen once, don’t happen again. Do your homework. Choose the right shows, and you will enjoy success.

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