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What makes our magazine different?

For starters, it’s so much more than just a magazine – it’s a planner!

In the pages of Today’s Bride, you’ll find quizzes, checklists, places to take notes, and diagrams along with helpful articles, local inspiration, and new and upcoming trends. We organize and color code each section according to where a couple is in their planning process, making it easy to find the exact information they need. Our master checklist outlines every task a couple needs to do to plan their wedding and when exactly it needs done.

Vendor advertisements in Today’s Bride have a reputation of being considered a credible, well respected company, because they’re in one of the most desirable and anticipated publications in Northeast Ohio! 25,000 copies of the latest editions fly off the shelves of 280+ locations where they’re distributed. Plus, each and every bride that attends a Today’s Bride Show is personally handed their free copy to keep. That alone is over 5,000 brides a year! Where else can you purchase one ad and be guaranteed that it reaches a dedicated audience of over 5,000 consumers?

When you advertise in Today’s Bride, you’ll receive a free online profile listing for an entire year and will become a Today’s Bride Partner. With this comes a plaque and window sticker to display in your shop, letting brides know you’re an experienced vendor they can trust. With benefits like these – increased visibility, credibility, and being part of the most sought-after bridal magazine in the area – you might be asking yourself, “Why am I not advertising in Today’s Bride?”

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The visual layout and flow of Today's Bride is much more appealing and enjoyable to read than The Knot.

— The Dress Bridal Boutique

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